Encourage Society to Go Green, Meratus Launch Carbon Offset

Based on the IPCC 2021 report, global carbon emissions have increased by 43% in the last two decades. This indicates the speeding up of the climate crisis and the worsening of extreme weather such as rising sea levels, droughts, floods and risks of other natural disasters. Meratus understands the need for rapid response actions that need to be carried out to reduce the impact of carbon emissions for the sustainability of the earth now and in the future. It is in line with Meratus' commitment to actively fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2030.

Meratus, as a leading logistics and maritime integrator company in Indonesia, invites all parties to collaborate in this effort and greening the archipelago by launching the Meratus Earth Squad. This program is the result of collaboration with JejakIn.

"Previously, Meratus had taken a comprehensive approach to the fuel monitoring system, formed a bunker analysis team, analyzed the best speed of fuel reduction, and also invested in installing a shore connection to reduce the impact of carbon emissions. Meratus Earth Squad is proof of our commitment to continue to play a role in maintaining the balance of nature," said Alex Hadinoto, Chief Commercial Officier.

With Meratus Earth Squad, customers can directly calculate the carbon emissions produced in each cargo shipment. Not only calculating carbon footprint, but this program also invites customers to be able to mitigate their carbon footprint in various options such as planting mangroves and reforestation.

"Each tree planting contribution through the Meratus Earth Squad will be monitored for 3 years, so customers can find out the growth and development of the trees that have been planted and how much carbon has been successfully mitigated," said Arfan Arlanda, CEO & Founder of JejakIn.

This program was positively welcomed by PT IPC Terminal Peti Kemas (IPC TPK), a subsidiary of PELINDO as one of Meratus' stakeholders, which is also very concerned about environmental sustainability. Ahmad Mimbar, Director of Operations at IPC TPK said, “This program opens our horizons about the importance of natural balance. It is hoped that the Meratus Earth Squad can become a trigger for other parties to collaborate to restore the green of the archipelago." (*)