Meratus Provides Food Aid for Stunted Toddlers in Padang

Based on the government's re-validation of stunting cases in Padang, 1,002 new instances were discovered in 2022. Padang City Government is forming a partnership with regional apparatus organizations, businesses, and institutions to lower stunting rates. Meratus, a logistics and maritime integrator firm with a branch in Padang, supports the government's efforts by providing food aid to stunted toddlers. 

The food assistance was distributed to the people of the Mata Air sub-district, Padang, where the number of stunting sufferers in this area is relatively high. For this assistance, the local government expressed gratitude for Meratus' concern for the welfare of the community around its work area. 

Purjiyatno Sumantri, the head of the Meratus Padang branch, offered his support for the government's efforts to reduce stunting rates. "Because children are the nation's future, we must strive for the best for them. Hopefully, what we offer today will be useful and bring us all blessings," Purjiyatno stated.