Celebrates National Transportation Day, Meratus Distribute Safety Jackets to Fishermen

To celebrate National Transportation Day (Harhubnas) on September 17, 2022, the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia is holding a transportation safety campaign in various regions, one of which is Kijang City in the Riau Archipelago province through the Class III Kijang Harbormaster and Port Authority (KSOP) Office. 

In the campaign, Meratus together with KSOP Class III Kijang gave an appeal for sea transportation safety to local fishermen. Yuserizal, S.SiT, M.M.Tr, head of the Kijang Class III KSOP office reminded again to always prioritize sailing safety while remaining alert to extreme weather and safety disturbances at sea. 

"Before sailing, always make sure the ship is in a condition suitable for sailing, make sure safety equipment is available at all times, make sure passengers and goods do not exceed capacity, don't force sailing when the weather is bad, and don't forget to always comply with the Covid-19 prevention health protocol. Let's always prioritize the safety of ourselves and others when sailing, remember that the family is waiting at home," added Yuserizal when educating to local fishermen. 

On this occasion, Meratus Tanjung Pinang branch also distributed safety jackets to local fishermen. This support is given considering that there are still many fishermen who do not have safety jackets that meet the standards. 

“Fishermen are one of the drivers of the marine economy in Indonesia, so I think it is important to appreciate the contribution of fishermen. This assistance is a form of gratitude to the fishermen. Hopefully this life jacket can be useful for the sustainability of fishermen in Kijang city” said Victor Sutanto, head of the Meratus Tanjung Pinang branch.