Meratus Collaborates with BPSDMP to Enhance Human Resources for Indonesian Maritime

Meratus collaborates with the Transportation Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDMP) through the Sea Transportation Human Resources Development Center (PPSDMPL) to connect the worlds of education and work. This collaboration is a manifestation of Meratus' genuine support for the collaborative realization of quality Human Resources (HR) for the present and future sustainability of Indonesia's oceans.

Dr. Capt. A Arif Priadi, Secretary of BPSDMP, stated in his remarks that his organization is continuing to create cooperation with various parties to harmonize academics and shipping. This is done to improve the quality of human resources and to instill achievement values (professional, ethical, global standards, and integrity).

"One of the link and match initiatives of universities in the UPT area in the BPSDMP ecosystem, particularly in the marine partner environment, is to engage with industries in the shipping sector," he added.

Meratus, an Indonesian logistics and maritime integrator company, is the first to welcome and fully support BPSDM's link and match initiatives by signing a collaboration agreement. The development and equalization of the profession of Electro Technical Officer - Electro Technical Rating (ETO-ETR), cadet service bond scholarships, validation of online crew certificates, contributions to teaching and sailing lecturers, crew recruitment, and Meratus program - BPSDM Learning Center are among the areas of cooperation that will be implemented. 

It is anticipated that this collaboration will be able to assist and prepare students to have industry-required abilities for them to participate in the shipping job market. This partnership is not just for students, but also for lecturers or education teachers. Lecturers, particularly those in the shipping and marine faculties, will be offered the chance for Continuous Professional Development (CPD), which is a method of maintaining the knowledge and skills required on the job.

"I hope that shipping universities can provide their utmost, especially to our partner Meratus. Meratus, for example, intends to include personnel on board the ship in the exchange of knowledge with students from our universities. This is a great way to stay up to date on future technical breakthroughs " stated PPSDMPL's Head, Amiruddin.