Meratus Opens Career Opportunities in the Maritime World

The digital transformation during the industrial age 4.0 compelled the world to change and adapt more quickly. The fast growth of technology in this era impacts the global economy, one of which is the creation of new work opportunities. Electro Technical Officer (ETO) is one of the many new employment opportunities in the maritime industry.

Meratus, as a logistics and maritime integrator company in Indonesia, collaborates with the Shipping Polytechnic (POLTEKPEL) Surabaya and the Shipbuilding Institute of Polytechnic Surabaya (SHIPS), is committed to providing full opportunities and facilities to all Electrical Engineering graduates in the ETO Development Program.

"We have recruitment plans that can be realized, so it provides the opportunity for young people to have a career in the marine business, particularly shipping in this situation. It is sufficient to present an exciting challenge for future SHIPS alumni," said Ir. Ratna Budiawati, M.A, Head of the Guidance and Career Unit.

"The partnership with Meratus is important. Because we need cooperation from stakeholders, one of which is the Meratus company, to socialize the programs at the Surabaya Shipping Polytechnic," said Didik Dwi S., Secretary of the Surabaya POLTEKPEL ETO Program.

Besides providing full scholarships, Meratus also opens opportunities for the best students of POLTEKPEL Surabaya and PPNS to join an internship program on board the ship to get hands-on work experience with learning from professional mentors. This program is a form of contribution from Meratus to encourage the formation of careers for electricians on board ships.

"We expect the public to understand that this profession has a strong career path and is quite important in our maritime business," said Arif B. Sayoga, General Manager of Crewing.