Meratus officially Launch CLC Semarang to Boost Central Java's Economy

SEMARANG – Traces of Meratus as a leading Logistics and Maritime Integrator in Indonesia has been present in Semarang since 2013. Contributing to support economic development in Central Java through various services dedicated to various regions in Indonesia and abroad. Last month, it was a milestone in Semarang that the first international route with an Indonesian flag to China was launched.

In addition, Meratus as the market leader in Semarang is now investing in the development of the Container Logistic Center (CLC). This innovation provides a new touch by transforming depo container services into friendly depo for all customers without exception. Located not far from Tanjung Emas Port, CLC Meratus Semarang will strengthen Central Java logistics network connectivity with excellent services.

Meratus CEO Farid Belbouab stated, "This is one of our commitments to continue investing in Indonesia, the world's largest archipelagic nation, which has a great deal of potential and several areas that can be developed together."

CLC Meratus Semarang provides comprehensive solutions from standard container management, to loading and unloading activities, Lift On, Lift Off, Repair containers, Washing containers, Repositioning, Modification of Garment on Hangers, container storage all in one location, with excellent customer experience, and fully digital. In the future, CLC Meratus Semarang will also be equipped with an auto gate system to speed up the administrative flow and easy-access tracking of every logistics activity in the CLC area. Innovation and transformation remain at the core of our business at Meratus and CLC is here to serve the market with the latest solutions.

"Although, at Tanjung Emas, we were preoccupied with the tidal surge. God willing, we can get through it. In actuality, crises or calamities trigger new steps or discoveries. Thanks to Meratus's use of triggers to solve problems in the past, the future will be enhanced by tangible actions. This meets the expectations of the chief executive for the organization of the national logistics economy, "Anton Martin, the head of customs at the Tanjung Emas port office, stated.

The new concept of depo container applies high security standards for all elements carrying out activities in the depo for safety. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be used starting when you first enter the depo. Customers are provided with a comfortable lounge and a short administrative process to cut time to make it more effective. Smoking area is provided separately as well as cleanliness in the CLC environment which is very concerned.

Meratus Group recently allocated over 20 billion USD in logistics infrastructure to launch Meratus CLC in Jakarta, Kupang, Kendari, Bitung and Makassar. The expansion of the land logistics network to Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Nusa Tenggara is very important for the economy because the Meratus Group has a mission to improve logistics and maritime connectivity as an Indonesian operator. (*)