Meratus Invites Community to Mangrove Tree Planting

To anticipate climate change and reduce the impact of carbon emissions, Meratus invites the Penjaga Laut community to plant 100 mangrove trees. This activity took place on Saturday, April 2, 2022, in the mangrove forest of Taman Wisata Alam Angke Kapuk in North Jakarta.

Meratus initiate the collaboration with the Penjaga Laut community to plant mangroves as part of the Indonesian mangrove forest action preservation. Mangrove forests in this seaside area are beneficial to the environment because they absorb a lot of carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, and protect against warming from the sea. According to the Mapping of National Mangrove, which the Ministry of Environment and Forestry officially released in 2021, the total area of Indonesia's mangroves is 3,364,076 Ha.

"We are honored to be invited with Meratus to protect the oceans by offsetting carbon and encouraging the rehabilitation of ecosystems through planting mangroves. We are the community to build a youth awareness movement in defending marine and fisheries issues in Indonesia. We hope to raise many young people and parties such as communities, institutions, and companies through various actions that maintain and preserve marine and fisheries ecosystems, including being responsible for pollution from plastic packaging," said Bryan from the Marine Guard community. 

Reforestation of mangrove forests is part of the #WEALLGOGREEN campaign. Starting from Jakarta, the program will be going to another big city in Indonesia. This program is a part of Meratus's contribution to fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Agenda 2030. 

"The Meratus #WEALLGOGREEN program is a form of Meratus' responsibility for nature conservation in Indonesia. We hope that this action can inspire many parties to take concrete actions to anticipate climate change in Indonesia and throughout the world. Let's make our earth even better!" said Farid Belbouab, CEO of Meratus.