Strengthening SDGs 2030 Commitment, Meratus Launches Carbon Calculator Feature at

Meratus is committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Agenda 2030, by developing the carbon calculator feature on It is hoped that knowing the carbon footprint of each operating container will raise customer and partner awareness about CO2 carbon emissions. This feature is one of our contributions to the #WEALLGOGREEN program, which aims to provide solutions for sustainable development.

This feature provides customers with a quick and easy way to calculate their carbon footprint for each container transported by Meratus in Southeast Asia. Users can access Carbon Calculator via website, Android, and IOS. This feature can be accessed publicly without requiring login by following the simple steps:

  1. Open the web application.
  2. Select the Carbon Calculator menu option.
  3. Choose a shipping route and enter the cargo volume.
  4. Click the calculate button.
  5. The screen will then display the results of the total carbon emissions calculation.

Meratus is currently exploring collaboration with third parties to improve carbon offset solutions by planting trees, mangroves, and conserving corals on all Indonesian islands, in addition to efforts to raise awareness of carbon emissions. To reduce the impact of carbon emissions on our planet, all of us must work together. As a result, Meratus encourages all customers, business partners, and other business actors to actively participate in environmental protection and positively contribute to climate change mitigation to support future sustainability.